Farmer's family cannot even afford a meal and is battling to save their son.





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Farmer's family cannot even afford a meal and is battling to save their son.

"For the past few months, my wife Jayshree has been spending most nights comforting our son Aarav. He cries because of cold and fever, sometimes due to the respiratory problem and due to hunger as well. Everything has come to a standstill ever since a dreadful disease has stepped into my Aarav's life. He may not be able to live as a healthy child if it is not treated on time."
- Kacharu, Aarav's Father.

Aarav's parents just want to see their son be happy and living his life to the fullest.
Baby Aarav is the first and only child of Kacharu and Jayshree. Their house was filled with laughter and happiness. But one month after Aarav's birth, he started falling ill and it started to become more persistent. They took him to the local hospital in Katgaon, Tuljapur, over where Aarav was diagnosed with the defect in his heart. The diagnosis report totally shattered their lives!

Aarav's parents are desperate to save their son but lack of funds stands in their way.
Kacharu works as a farmer and earns a meager income. It was barely enough for him to take care of his family but now even he needs to sacrifice his food to save every penny for Aarav's treatment. The cost estimated by the doctor is Rs.1,80,000/- (One Lakh Eighty Thousand Only) which is way beyond his means to arrange in such a short time.

How you can contribute?
Kacharu and Jayshree are not even in a condition to even arrange a 1-time meal. Kacharu works hard in the farm every day till his sweat meets the ground. Jayshree is constantly taking care of Aarav and fulfilling his needs. Their savings have been already spent for carrying out medical tests and now they are not in a position to even afford a life-saving surgery. Only your help can make this little boy take his first steps.

Without your help, Aarav cannot live his healthy childhood.

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