Help Shepherd to save his daughter from congenital heart disease.





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Help Shepherd to save his daughter from congenital heart disease.

7-year-old Savita is Gujaba's (father) and Bhima's(mother) second child and their only daughter. She was pampered from her birth, especially by her elder brother, who loves her a lot. This family belongs to a small village in Hivare, Junnar where her father is the shepherd and her mother do labor work to earn for their living.

But during her birth her immune system was weak and she was getting weaker as the days passed. Savita parents got worried because of her condition and took her to the doctor in Junnar. After multiple tests, she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. It is a form of defect that affects the rhythm of the heart and which leads to irregular heartbeats.

Gujaba and Bhima are worried that how can they save their daughter from this dreadful disease.
The cost estimated by the doctor for her surgery is Rs. 1,80,000/- (One Lakh Eighty Thousand). They don’t even have the money to buy food and basic necessities. But the poor father knows that without external help, he would never be able to arrange for such a huge amount.

“My wife and I left everything behind and travel from our hometown to the hospital in Pune just for our daughter's treatment. We just want to give a healthy life to her.”
– Gujaba, Savita's Father.

How you can help Savita?
Savita needs VSD surgical closure at the earliest. Her father is a shepherd and has been left with a little money during the hospital visits. Your support will give Savita a healthy life.

We can do our bit to help Savita to get the treatment she needs.

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