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Help Vismaya to get treated from Severe Beta Thalassemia

"Last 5 years we believed that my daughter's Beta Thalassemia would heal with medicines but, it only became worse. We have been running across all the health camps for the treatment in our village, asking if they can do blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant for free of cost. Sadly we received no help from anyone. We are worried that with just a meager income, how can we afford the surgery which will cost us Rs. 18, 00, 000?"

Vasantha, Visamaya Mother.

Vismaya was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia when she was 1.5 years old.

Vismaya was a seemingly healthy child when she was born. When she turned 1.5 years old, she had diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia. It is a blood disorder that reduces the production of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to cells throughout the body. The doctor suggested that there are possibilities that it would heal with medicines.

Vismaya seemed normal like other children but, the disease is making her weak day-by-day.

Last year, when Vismaya parents visit for their daughter Blood Transfusion doctor told that her disease had become worse and she urgently need Bone Marrow Transplant to live a normal childhood. The cost estimated by the doctor for the surgery is Rs. 18,00,000/- (Eighteen Lakhs Only).

"I never imagined that my daughter disease would get so severe. All these years, I thought that with medicines she would get better and I gave her all the medicines that doctors prescribed. I always encourage her by telling that she will be completely fine, but now I don't know how to comfort her."
- Varadaraj, Vismaya Father.

Varadaraj, Vismaya Father works on the farm to meet the expenses of his family. He has already liquidated all his savings for the diagnosis and hospital administration for his daughter. Vasantha, Vismaya Mother wants to support her husband for the expenses but, she needs to be with her children. They have left with nothing and needs your help to save their daughter. Each day both the parents are worried about accumulating the cost for their daughter's surgery.

How you can contribute?
Vismaya is just 6 years old and her younger brother is a match and would be the donor, but their parents have no funds to afford this transplant. Their parents are struggling to accumulate the cost estimated by the doctor for the surgery. One contribution from your end can help her to reunite with her family and live healthy and happy.

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INR 18,00,000

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